The VisioTamp is an application ready Sigfox enabled transceiver. A smart sensor perfectly suited for tamper detection applications.

The VisioTamp provides connection to national and global network infrastructure for reliable and secure communications. This standalone rugged small form factor sensor device delivers real time tamper detection data for many use cases and can be configured accordingly.

The configuration of the transceiver can be done via the product or network allowing for real-time functionality flexibility.

Powered through a Li-SOCL battery, it allows standard autonomy up to 10 years. Longer support options are available.

Software & Data management

Device data transmitted via the Sigfox cloud infrastructure
to the back-end erver platform for pro-cessing and reporting is
provided as a standard. A custom platform with built-in
device support can be provided or easily integrate the device
the into your own platform


-IGFOX network protocol

-Transmission cycles:2,50,100 or 140 frames per day

-Data encryption: AES128 Option

-Application Example for Manhole Covers:

-Manhole Tilted or Tampered detection

-Manhole Open state detection


-Battery end of life

-Over Temperature

-Tamper Detect


-Bluetooth (BLE)



– Tamperdetectiondata throughSigfoxcompliant radio networks
perfect for Security, Vandalism an Monitoring applications

– GPS and non-GPS hardware options

– Rugged IP67 enclosure

– Fully Internal battery powered

– Long range connectivity

– Low Cost Low power design with up to 10 year autonomy

– Small, Compact and easy to install and conceal


-SF RF power: 14dBm (25mW)

-SF RF sensitivity: up to –127dBM

-GPS Sensitivity Tracking: -158 dBm

-GPS Sensitivity Navigation: -157 dBm


VisioTamp Hardware Manual